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Getting injured is never something to look forward to. This can seem to be especially detrimental when it happens at work. The good thing is, Workers Compensation was legislated specifically for this very situation. But what is it?

Workers Comp is a form of insurance benefits paid out by the company to employees who are injured or fall ill as a consequence of the work they’re doing. What does this entail for you and the company? Well, here are some tidbits.

Provision of benefits

When you are injured on the job and can’t work for some time, your employer will still have to provide you some benefits.

What are these benefits? 

They can include loss-of-wages compensation that can amount to two-thirds of the employee’s weekly salary, health benefits as well as benefits in case of your demise from work-related injuries or illnesses. 

Now, here are some facts that are useful to you.

Every employer is required to have Workers Comp Insurance

Well, not all. Those with less than three employees, domestic employers and farms do not need to provide these benefits. These are all set out under Georgia law.

The employer can either use the scheme provided by the State or self-insure with a private insurance firm.

Workers Comp covers injuries and diseases that are long term

This was one motivation for coming up with the law. Aside from the earlier stated benefits, Workers comp also pays for medical bills and rehabilitation programs.

In cases where the injuries mean you cannot return to your previous job position or company, it will also pay for vocational training to enable you to get employment elsewhere.

Some injuries are not covered

Yes, this law and benefits are meant to include those injured at their workplaces, from causes that relate directly to their work. If you were fighting at your workplace or blatantly disregarded safety measures, you have no recourse.

If you were also not at work, self-inflicted injury, or sustained it while committing a crime, you also do not get benefits.

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